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Sundome Tent an Automatic Choice

Sundome Tent an Automatic Choice

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Sundome Tent an Automatic Choice

Sundome is an another branded tent of Coleman. Like its name, this hiking and backpacking tent is a dome Shape tent. It is pretty Roomy inside. It’s also ideal for those natural campers who demand little spaces not too eye-catching.

Sundome Tent an Automatic Choice
Sundome Tent an Automatic Choice

There are many type of tent manufacture by Sundome means Coleman. All of them 2 Person & 4 Person Sundome Tent (Green & Navy color) is the most selling products in Tent market. Sundome 3 Person Tent also a better choice too.

This Sundome tent has a pole structure. It is sufficiently huge for few queen beds (153 cm x 203 cm in Metric Measurements, 5’0″ x 6’8″ or 60″x 80″ in Imperial Measurements again the double size is 137 cm x 187 cm in Metric Measurements, 4’6″ x 6’2″ or 54″x 74″ in Imperial Measurements) which give you a Super complacency.  This type (pole construction) of Backpacking Tent is built with an Insta-clip mechanism. Coleman used it to reduce the set-up time for your tent. It’s not taking more than ten (10) minutes. After set-up these type of tent you can easily spend more time for your camping. Despite the fact that this isn’t as fast as an inflatable tent pitching, as far as pole tents go, that is really pretty fast.

It’s known to everyone if you want to enjoy the nature you need to keep campers away from the bugs. If the bugs are not harmful for camper health, they could get quite annoying. So Coleman put a ventilation path in this tent allowing wind to get amid without inviting bugs.

Material Quality

The Coleman Tent is built from polyester. Polyester gives it waterproof ability and makes a little bit breathable. This is a more viable element that is comparatively tearing resistant. It will serve you for years if you take care your tent properly.


The height is enough for a camper like you. You can easily stand, get dressed and move freely inside the tent. Because of the tent height is enough in the center.

Coleman makes others backpacking tent for Two (02), Six (06) Eight (08) and Ten (10) person, So you can easily collect your best one from the Coleman store.


During setup, the poles are put at a particular point. That makes the whole tent pretty stable. It could even stand facing heavy air flow. One of the best things is poles are manufactured with fiberglass (Fiberglass use in US or Fibreglass use in UK is a common type of fiber-reinforced plastic using Glass Fiber by https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiberglass). Using it is an intelligent decision for the tent, making it charming, light and strong. The thickness of the poles is 8.5 mm. These make the entire tent quite strong.

The floor is built with 1000D Polyethylene. Polyethylene is a highly viable element that is also watertight and resistant of tearing. The whole tent is sealed for preventing bugs and water coming inside. The tent has a port for electric power line which has an extra protection an occurrence of an overwhelming precipitation.

Additional Features

The Additional Features cover a rain fly. You can use it like a daylight or sunlight protective component as well. You must remember it, you can use it as a rain protective component. For this, you need to place it properly and confirm that you block the water droplets from being formed.


The Coleman tent also comes with a One (01) year warranty.


All in all, the tent has an outstanding layout. That is ready to keep you safe from the weather. At the same time, it presents the camper comfort and luxury. The inner side is roomy enough for a doss placed inside the tent as well as a few chairs. This will accept you change the interior design yourself in a likable and petty bedroom with workable, luxury and comfortable shape. You don’t need to spend too high budget for this Coleman hiking Tent, considering the features it offers.


  • Well Ventilation System
  • Insta-clip mechanism
  • Fully sealed to prevent Bugs
  • Watertight
  • Tear resistant
  • Rainfly


  • Somewhat difficult to pack the tent inside the sack.

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