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Best Ultralight 2-room family cabin tent for 9-Person by Wenzel

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Of course family camping is a great way to create an exciting and memorable memory which is last a lifetime. However, you need to make sure these memories are good ones. If you’ve the bad memories, then there is a risk of diminishing camping trips for your children when they grow up, but it can be different experience for them when you take the responsibility to give them a better experience. A bad backpacking or hiking tent can take the responsibility for your camping trip from having the potential of being great to a horrible experience. At this point you can read the review of the Wenzel 2-room family cabin tent for 9-Person, to see if you want to take this tent on your family camping or not.

Get ready for your next adventure with the Wenzel 2-room family cabin dome tent for 9-Person

WenzeL TenT – Company Profile

Wenzel is the company with 125 years of outdoor equipment design experience. So you can be confident in its thoughtful design. Wenzel manufactures various types of Backpacking Tent, Camping Tent, Hiking Tent, Ultralight Tent, All season Tent, Cabin Tents, Dome Tent in different prices and sizes.

As we’ve pointed out every tent is specific and each one goes to be used the basic equal manner. You put it up and also you sleep in it. However, with this tent they have got decided to make the partitions straight, which can make it tough to set up, however they’ve went one step in addition and made the frame steel. The best news is the set up claims to be clean because that is a tent that supposedly is going to use the steel body as a way to lock up into the hubs that are to be had and use a pin and ring gadget to make the setup a snap.

So the installation is very smooth to do and in maximum instances the experienced humans are able to placed the tent up in below 30 minutes, but even for a newbie the time is a bit beneath an hour. A key factor to make right here is you may need to get some longer stakes to pressure into the ground to help cozy the tent in region if you are trying to stay out in a rainy season because the tent stakes are said to be quick.

Best Ultralight 2-room family cabin tent for 9-Person by Wenzel
Woman, Water and Waterfall

Main features in short

  •   Large, 2-room family cabin tent
  •   Two (02) gear lofts with steel stakes
  •   Two (02) hanging pockets
  •   Storage duffel and mud mat
  •   Straight side walls maximizes interior space
  •   Full coverage fly and welded polyethylene floor for weather protection
  •   Mesh Dutch “D” style door
  •   Two (02) bay windows
  •   Two (02) picture windows
  •   Screened roof for visibility and cross breeze
  •   Ultra-sturdy steel frame with hub connections
  •   Pin and ring system for easy set-up
  •   Sleep capacity for 9 campers
  •   The tent is 14’ x 14’ with 7.17’ center ceiling height

Product Description

 DISCLAIMER: While we aim to provide accurate product information, it is provided by manufacturers, suppliers, and others, and has not been verified by us.

2-room family cabin tent for 9-Person by Wenzel redefines home away from home. When Wenzel started making camping gear in 1887, America was a very different place. No TV, no video games, no cell phones. Of course, a lot’s changed in 120+ years, but Wenzel’s commitment to making family-friendly gear at a budget-friendly price hasn’t budged an inch. The legacy lives on with the family-ready Kodiak tent.

Wenzel cabin tent
Best Ultralight 2-room family cabin tent for 9-Person by Wenzel

Surprisingly affordable for the size, with spacious comfort for up to 9 happy campers. And while other tents of this magnitude require an engineering degree to assemble, the Kodiak’s steel pin-and-ring set-up makes set-up a less time-consuming, less infuriating endeavor. Of course, it’s all brought to you at a hugely affordable price, true to Wenzel form. Base measures 14 x 14-Feet, plenty of room for 9, Center height is a generous 7-Feet 2-Inch, with a 6-Feet 3-Inch eave height, Pin-and-ring system / connecting hubs make set-up surprisingly painless. Mesh dutch D-style door, 2 bay windows, 2 picture windows and roof for visibility and nice cross breeze; Sonic-sealed welded polyethylene floor for toughness and sure dryness. Sewn-in room divider creates 2 separate rooms. Straight sidewalls and full coverage fly for added weather protection.

Additional rear lockers / vents add ground breeze and extra storage. Includes steel and plastic stakes, 2 gear lofts, 2 hanging pockets, mud mat, and storage duffel. Comes with Mini Tool Box. Great for storing any miscellaneous items or your spare change. Overall dimensions: 4 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ x 2 3/4″. Mini Tool Box is shipped from a separate warehouse and will arrive within a few days of your order.

ATTENTION CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 WARNING: Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including TDCPP. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

In a View of 2-Room Family Cabin Tent For 9-Person By Wenzel

Features of Wenzel tent for 09-person


: Wenzel
Manufacturer Part Number





09 Person


: Cabin Tent
Room :

Two (02) Room


: Dome Tent
Color :

Product Weight

: 35 Pounds
Dimensions :

14′ x 14′ x 7.17′

 Set up Process

: Easy & Fast 
 Specific Uses for Product :

Friends & Family Camping 

Intended Use


Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Shooting 

Wenzel big basin cabin tent video

Review Video of 2-Room Family Cabin Tent Without RainFly

Review Video of 2-Room Wenzel Cabin Tent Without RainFly

2-Room Family Cabin Tent With RainFly Review Video

2-Room Family Cabin Tent With RainFly Review Video

Products Features

Here some feature details for you about 2-room family cabin tent for 9-Person by Wenzel, if you interested you may go on.


If you plan on travelling together with your family the size of the tent could be a major thought for you. You will typically find the cheaper tents will only fit one or two people at the most. This tent as was already mentioned can sleep nine camper. So you can see this tent is already broad and roomy, however you probable are curious about just how big the tent is which goes to be answered right here. The middle top or center ceiling height of this tent measures simply at 7.17 feet. The edge of the tent does show a sizable drop as it goes down to 5.42 feet. The entire footprint of the tent is nice and roomy as well and measures 14 feet x 14 feet, which in a lot of the reviews is large enough to fit two queen sized air beds inside of.


When you go out camping you will often want to do so in a stylish manner. I know that this is more of a challenge than what it sounds like, but with this tent you are going to have a great looking tent that is very stylish for you to get used to having. D-style door make the tent fetching and makes it a little bit easier to have some privacy and get some entrance in and out of the tent.

However, you’ll get the tent has four completely different windows for you to enjoy as well. The best part is half of two of those windows are going to be the bay style window  that you want to enjoy, however you’ve two picture windows, which makes it easy for you to look at the nature that is surrounding you.

Very Strong & Durable

There is something happen you may not realize, but it’s a terrible things that lot of companies who make tent are starting to use aluminum or plastic for their tent frames. While this is a nice thing for weight control of the tent but it can also be a real pain as well because this means the tents are not as durable as what they used to be. So you will want to make sure you know this tent has only the steel frames, which you will be able to enjoy. You will enjoy this feature because the tent frame is made from steel and this means the tent is going to be durable and able to withstand quite a bit of the weather that you can face.

Wenzel cabin tent instructions (Easy for Beginner)

We could face it now not anybody is going to be an advanced camper right off the bat. In fact, most of the time when a family is going camping, it is because the children have badgered the dad into admitting that a camping or trip would be an excellent idea.  Never mind the actual fact is that the dad  may have never been camping before that he was in boy scouts if at all. With this tent, it’s novice friendly and this allows the new campers to travel out camping and enjoy the camping trip, rather than having to fight with the camping trip all of the time.

Rain Covers or RainFly in Wenzel

Rain can be a main damper on a camping trip. I mean the rain generally way your campfire is going to be out, however the camping area may also be less friendly because the people are stuck within the campers or tents. Once you are stuck in a tent, it’ll be the pits, but what is even worse is when the tent has some leaks or doesn’t have a canopy over the netting on the roof of the tent. With the Wenzel, it not only has the mesh on the top, which may allow the rain, it conjointly has the rain covers that stops the rain from coming through the mesh.

Price Factors

Looking at all the prices for the Wenzel tent, the tent really gave me some reserve. The price was really everywhere, but they all cost a little more than Amazon. So that I’m trying to inform you one thing approximately how much cash campers want to pay on these tents. However, I might recommend you clicking on the image that given below to search out the regular low price that Amazon is providing.

What Others Talking About This Tent

You read what we told you about the tent. However, you’re probably asking yourself what everyone is saying about the tent. The vast majority of reviews on the tent have been very positive. In fact, from a lot reviews, only few of them have 1 star in Amazon. The main complaint with a 1 star review was that the flip flop was easy to break and could be a  major issue or big problem over time. With the majority of the positive reviews people are talking about how easy the tent is to set up, windows provide plenty of viewing space, but also the fact the tent is durable. So this will help you make an educated choice about how well the tent will work for you.

Whats On Your Mind About Wenzel?

It’s going to be hard to tell you that not to get this tent. However, people think the best family tent will always come from Coleman. They think that is mainly because they always remember their parents and relative and well known or well wisher are using Coleman tents. Not only that, they can remember that when they walking through a store the majority of the gear that is on the shelf is Coleman. If you want a tent that will work great, though, and keep you protected this is a nice tent to buy. Just make sure you remember this tent is not our first choice. The other key thing is to make sure you enjoy yourself when you go out camping.

Pretty Little Liars – Hanna & Caleb in Tent


Hanna & Caleb Under Tent

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