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Best Backpacking Alpine 3 Person Tent by Wenzel

Best Backpacking Alpine 3 Person Tent by Wenzel

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When you looking for a tent going camping with your beloved one for a long weekend, this one must caught your eye. Obviously you want to know how its work in your weather, as well as is it tolerate a lot of moving air. There are a lot of people with different qualities and they have different attempts to find a backpacking tent with different features. So you should know more, making a decision before thinking of buying a backpacking tent. Be sure what you decided is the best backpacking tent.

Alpine 3 Person Hiking Tent by WenzeL

This company has a 125 years of experience in design of outdoor equipment with fame. That’s the reason you would be confident on them. Wenzel manufactures various types of backpacking and hiking tent. Best Backpacking Alpine 3 Person Tent is one of them. Here some feature details for you about Alpine 3 Person Tent by Wenzel, if you interested you may go on.

Main features of Alpine 3 Person Hiking TenT

  •   Dome shape hiking tent with three (03) pole and removable rainfly
  •   Quick and easy setup process with shock corded fiberglass frame and pole pockets
  •   Third pole makes vestibule for gear pocket and save from rough environment
  •   Attached mud mat with drainage strip protect the tent from grimy and keep spotless
  •   Removable mesh windows and D shape stylish front door ensure great ventilation
  •   D shape stylish dutch door with zipper make the entry and exit smooth and simple
  •   The tent floor is made of high quality polyethylene which is also welded with tent fabric 
  •   Includes steel stakes, gear loft, hanging pockets, and storage duffel
  •   This hiking tent is available in dark Blue
  •   Tent Dimensions is Eight (8′) feet x Eight and half (8.5′) feet x Four (4′) feet
  •   Alpine 3 Person Tent weight is 7.7 pounds
  •   The great thing is product warranty 2-year which provided by the manufacturer

About Best Hiking Tent For 3-Person Within Your Budget

 DISCLAIMER: While we aim to provide accurate product information, it is provided by manufacturers, suppliers, and others, and has not been verified by us.

An outdoors camping is a greater thing that nothing is as better as it. If you haven’t a serviceable and protective hiking tent, you’re in luck with the best backpacking Alpine 3 person dome tent by Wenzel. This Alpine 3 person dome tent has only three (03) poles for set up which gives the tent quick and easy setup process. Removable mesh windows and stylish D shape door ensure great ventilation with huge air flow. This remarkable style makes the tent cool and comfortable in worm and foggy summer weather. Again you will no longer have to worry about your kid’s muddy hiking shoes for the attached mud mat with drainage strip which protect the tent from grimy and keep spotless. Enjoy the outdoor camping in right way with enough room for family or friends with the Wenzel Alpine 3 person dome hiking tent.



ATTENTION CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 WARNING: Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including TDCPP. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Feature details of best hiking Alpine 3 Person Tent by Wenzel

Here some feature details for you about Alpine 3 Person Tent by Wenzel, if you interested you may go on

Size of Best Hiking Alpine 3 Person Tent

Basically this tent is described as a three (03) person tent and often it is more suitable for two adults. This is due in part to the sloping walls making the head room at the edges minimal. When there are only two this allows some space for stowing gear.
You aren’t comfortable with three persons unless you stow the gear outside the tent. That means the tent is tight fit for three campers. But it is pretty good when you two take your dog too. Even though a big family dog leave a huge spaces for you two sleep comfortably. If you are tall enough you may take the middle place of the tent to get maximum length stretch the legs. When you looking for a tent for your lovely kids or your junior, it would be a better one.

Mattress Suitable for the Tent

Two thermarests(TM) mattress side by side is fit for the tent. When you want to set up an air mattress or a cot it can be touch the tent wall. And if it’s damp, it’s not good for you. Again a single air mattress is comfortably fit for the tent, but if you want a queen size air mattress setup inside the tent it take a lot of space and very tight fit for the tent. So it not recommended.

Weatherproof Tent

This multitasking tent would be serve you well enough from the risk of windy and wild weather or light precipitation in your most camping expeditions. Most of camper review that if an overnight thunder storm or a heavy rain catches you, you would be snug and dry then. The tent Rain fly makes a small vestibule and you can leave your boots there. The integrated mud mat help to keep your tent inside clean and the tent has a drainage strip.

Use It or Not In Cold Weather

The tent fabric is very light and not to designed the camper to keep warm in cold weather or winter season. Campers have been camping in temperatures of 35 to 40 degrees using warmer sleeping bags and additional garments or blankets and sleeping on a cot off the ground.

If you don’t want to suffer some cold, this tent isn’t the tent for real cold or winter camping.

Quick and Easy set up Process

This Wenzel tent is incredibly simple to set up in about 10 minutes or much less, even for one person. There two poles for the main structure and a third for the fly. A pair of expert young boys will handle it as well as a healthy middle-aged woman! Of course, it is easier still with two people and more fun too!

It’s simple and easy to close and pack up too. directions are given into the bag and the tent is water proof.

Great Tent against Wild Wind and Heavy Rain

The dome shaped tent stands up to heavy storm air once thoroughly staked down. Always use the rainfly or fly-sheet properly if there is any risk of rain, and though it seems very tiny, it perform an excellent job of deflecting the cloudburst unless you encounter a  mighty sideways blow. A reminder to carefully select which way your doors are facing! The manufacturer claims that the Wenzel Alpine 3 Person Tent with 8.5’ X 8’ dome shape is waterproof and a lot of customers who purchase the tent provide review that the tent efficiently and effectively keeping dry in wet weather. As ever, it is advisable to put the tent up and apply seam sealing before venturing out, even though many have stated that they have never done so and it has remained leak-free.

 Wind Test Video


Floor Material

The tub-style ground floor welded to the wall fabric keeping it over the ground level and is built from tough polyethylene. It is not removable.

Keep away from Insects and bugs

All the openings have a exceptional fine enough mesh to stay out even tiny insects, however make sure to shut it up without delay as you enter inside and go outside to keep away from the rotten very little opportunists!

Great Ventilation System

The mesh covered windows and D-shape door provide options for maintaining the tent properly well ventilated. The windows are tiny and condensation may be a problem, even in warm environment, until the doorway is also used for ventilation. A few campers suggest preserving a towel to dry the inside in the morning! The extent of the problem does depend on the level of privacy required. If you shut everything down you’ll most likely get condensation.

In dry environment you’ll be able to leave off the rain fly adding yet more ventilation and providing you with that pleasant pleasure of viewing the night sky with star winking.

Ultralight Backpacking Weight

This tent is a ultralight backpacking tent at underneath eight (08) pounds and is effortless to bearing strapped to a backpack in the supplied duffel bag. This bag also has straps to carry by.

Dimensions when packed

The supplied carrying bag is about eight (08) inches to twelve (12) inches in diameter and about twenty (20) inches long. The bag has a bearing lash.


In a View of Best Hiking Alpine Tent for 3-person By Wenzel

Features of Wenzel tent for 03-person


: Wenzel
Manufacturer Part Number





03 Person


: Portable and Dome Tent
Room :

Single Room


: Shock-corded Pole, Weather Proof
Color :


Product Weight

:  7.7 lb
Dimensions :

8′ x 8.5′ x 4′

 Set up Process

: Easy & Fast 
 Specific Uses for Product :

Friends & Family Camping 

Intended Use


Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Shooting 


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