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Popular Camping Tent:

The most important thing in your camping is TENT. Now a days there are a lot of tent company who manufacture Tent. All of them few are some are popular for their QUALITY and CUSTOMER SUPPORT. In our artical we try to highlight those camping tent which already achieve campers confidence for its quality, innovative design, customer support and price facilities. You may go through it if you love to know it.

Best 5 x 5 Portable Outdoor Tent, Black Portable Canopy Shelter (T-Mobile Printed)




  • Ideal for commercial or recreational use, such as small business, Outdoor Events, Camping, Picnics and Parties, Sporting Events, Arts and Crafts Tables; Available for beach, pool, patio, garden etc.
  • Rust & Corrosion Resistant Powder Coated Steel Frame with nylon mold brackets, easy to install and assemble.
  • Blocks UV Rays, Protect you from scorching sun light and rain.
  • Premium nylon corders and connections for durability.
  • Extremely portable and can travel just about anywhere you may need.
[Source : www.amazon.com]

Vango Capri 400 Tent, X-Large, Herbal







  • Flysheet and inner pitch together making it simple and quick to pitch and pack.
  • The Vango patented tbs ii – tension band system ensures that your tent performs in adverse conditions, and can be disconnected if desired.
  • The protex 70 denier polyester flysheet is highly waterproof, durable and reliable. Exclusive to Vango, it will keep you comfortable and dry.
  • Pre-attached front extension: offering generous extra living space.
  • Diamond-clear pvc windows with privacy curtains – maximizes light and visibility.
[Source : www.amazon.com]

Coleman Camping 6 Person Flatiron Instant Dome Tent







  • Weather Tec system – patented welded floors and Inverted seams help keep water out.
  • Instant setup in about 60 seconds. Pre-attached poles for quicker, simpler setup – just extend and secure.
  • Integrated rainfly doesn’t require separate assembly.
  • 10 x 9 ft. Foot print, 5 ft. 10 in. Center height.
  • 1-Year limited warranty.



[Source : www.amazon.com]



-:Tent for Wedding:-

Top Selected Products and Reviews:


“Great for the price.” – by dawn
This is the perfect tent. I followed the advice given by others and duct taped the joints. I knew going into this that it wasn’t a high quality tent, thin plastic sides. I put it up on a very windy day and it almost blew away. So i was able to zip tie it to a fence along one side. The other side I used the stakes and some weights. It was pretty windy, but it stayed. It looked great. As soon as we we’re done I took off the tarp cause I didn’t want it to rip. We even put a heater in it. Worked great, looked great. Should get a couple more uses out of it, which is way cheaper than renting.
“Perfect for outdoor wedding” – by russ
Perfect for outdoor wedding.. We put the food under it. It is a two or three person job to put up. It is light weight however for the money great buy!

Ok so I’m finally getting to this review. The set up is a little tricky, might require two people but it’s perfect for what we used it for. Now I will say it is a solid design and perfect compared to the eBay one. I had it side by side with the eBay one and light wind knocked down the eBay one. Luckily it was the next day after the party was over. I didn’t get a chance to use the walls but I’m sure they would work fine. This tent it all about taking your time and doing it right. Make sure all bars are locked in. They tend to pop out sometimes during set up which is why I say it might require two people. We are very satisfied with the tent. I am very particular on a lot of things and items I purchase and was hesitant on this tent but having the chance to use it against and eBay tent you can easily see the better design. This grant also has the bigger diameter poles then the eBay tent. Once I opened the eBay tent I immediately said “oh man” because the poles where half the diameter. The actual canopy is a little thin but still thick enough to be sturdy if that makes sense. All joints are a thick durable plastic. Wish I had more pics. Again it’s all about set up. U do it right and it will work and last.

This tent is huge and sturdy. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to figure out how to set it up. But it was very easy. Set up in minutes with only 2 people. Let’s light through well for cloudy days. Used for serving food at the NC State Fair in Raleigh and it has worked perfectly. The door openings are very height so even folks over 6′ tall can enter with out issues. I love it!

My family purchased this tent 5 months ago, and we’ve already used it for three different events. We used it for my daughter’s 1st bday party and two baby showers. It comfortably fits about 6-8 6ft rectangle tables for seating (averaging about 8-9 chairs per table) and we even created a little buffet line consisting of another 3 tables for the food. All these events occurred during the winter, so the weather was not great. But nothing that a tent heater could not fix. But even with the tent heater, it would get pretty warm so we left one end panel open the whole time. It was nice knowing that even though the weather was cold and rainy, our guests were still very comfortable inside this tent (and not to mention it kept guests out of my house-so less cleaning for me).

For one event, this tent withstood very heavy rain, and even 30-40 mph winds. But if you are expecting similar weather I suggest you do the following: use ALL the stakes provided to keep the tent secure, and maybe even have some sandbags to help hold down the end panels, and plus the sandbags will help soak the excess water. After a few hours of heavy rain, the seams started to drip a little, but flex seal spray fixed that problem within minutes. And if you’re using this tent when its hot, it will serve as good shade, just roll up the sides, or leave them off.

The only con that I had with this tent is the set up. When setting up this tent for the first time, it was very confusing. The instructions were a bit unclear, and things were mislabeled. So it took about 3 hours to set with 3 people. But overall- my family LOVES this tent!!!

A few weeks ago we decided we needed a tent for our baby shower since our house could not hold 40+ people comfortably. We looked into renting a tent of this size (albeit of likely higher quality + delivery + setup, etc) in Atlanta and received quotes from $400-$700. This is insane, but I’m told by our friend who plans weddings for a living that this is what it costs to rent a tent.

China to the rescue.

We paid $156.00 for this cheap tent from China. It arrived on time, was (reasonably) simple to assemble, and stayed up even in some light breeze that I thought for sure would have killed it. And it looked great doing it. This is EXACTLY what this tent was designed to do. Hence the 5 stars.

I’m reading other reviews and noticed some are complaining about the “PVC pipes being weak”. Our poles are certainly metal. Aluminum? They’ll bend if you force them, but they’re not weak. But this product is ultra cheap and must go through countless iterations. I notice in the pictures that the joints seem to be made of a different plastic than the ones we have. So, beware that this could be different when you buy it, but our 2014 version worked great.

Are there better tents out there? No doubt. Is studying the pictorial instructions a little more than you might have time to do on the day of your event? Certainly. But, FOR THE PRICE, this tent was absolutely unbeatable. Perfect for our party.

*** Others have recommended purchasing a roll of white duct tape as well. I’ll agree with that. Our tent fit together fine, but a little more wind might have been too much stress for the plastic joints. Reinforcement would be a VERY GOOD idea. ***

“Great investment and classy look” – by Amazon Customer
This was a great investment! I used the tent for our annual alumni high school picnic and everyone was very pleased with the look and size of the tent. Thoroughly enjoyed it and will be using it again in the very near future.
“Good quality!” – by Adelina
Used this for my daughters bridal shower, very nice product!
“Party tent!” – by Jeanna McCall-Pierce
This tent was exactly what we wanted. It held 8 tables for sitting and 4 tables for food. With plenty room to move around!! We Love it!!
“Good value and perfect size for my needs” – by Jackie
The product was easy to assemble, takes a few people. We will use it many times
“Need more than 2 people for set up.” – by cropwithlisa (HUNTINGTOWN, MARYLAND, United States)
Used for a back yard wedding. A little rain came thru the canopy cover. Need 3 to 4 people to put this together. Sides worked great.
“User friendly” – by Amazon Customer
Exactly what I was hoping for. Could use color coding
“Great tent” – by Amazon Customer
This is a great tent for the price. We setup the tent up the night before the event and it rained a little and it was still looking great the next day!
“The tent was perfect for my company needs” – by Cal Verdin
The tent was perfect for my company needs, but what I found far exceeded my expectations was the manufacturer customer service. Claire was quick to reply, gave thorough and concise answers and was friendly throughout the experience. I will be a return buyer for all my shelter needs indeed.
[Source : www.amazon.com]


-:Qube Tent for Camping:-

Top Selected Products and Reviews:


“very cool tent” – by Louisie G
I am an under 5 foot female, and I was able to put this tent up, take it down, and get it back into the stuff sack by myself with no trouble. The fabric feels thick and durable; lots of windows; if no chance of rain, look up at the stars through the netted top. Lots of pockets for personal belongings. The removable floor is a nice feature. Plus, I just like the way it looks!

“Packing it back up was just as easy. It has a Velcro strap to keep it …” – by Laurie

We just used this the past weekend for the first time. It went up in less than 5 minutes. My10 year old son and my husband had no trouble getting it up just the two of them. Just unfold it right side up, pull on the sides handles, and it pops up and out. We didn’t use the metal screws to attach it as it was not a windy day, but my husband tried one out anyway and he had not trouble screwing it into the ice. Plenty of windows to let in as much, or as little, light as you want. Packing it back up was just as easy. It has a Velcro strap to keep it rolled up and easily fits back into the high quality carrier that it comes in. Very pleased with this purchase and I would recommend it to anyone who goes ice fishing. Excellent quality and price.

“I love this shelter” – by Joseph H. Vo

Man, let me tell you…. I love this shelter! I live in California so I didn’t use it for ice fishing but I use it for those real cold and windy days. I put this thing up in no time; unpack it, stake it down and erect it in about 7 mins. Now in those real windy days, I suggest you attach the strings to the pull-out flap and anchor it down to the ground so the wind won’t cave your shelter down at that point. If the wind is real strong, it will push it in; I had that happen to me but after I anchored in down, it never happened again. I was able to fit 3 grown adults inside the shelter with other items too. I’m pretty sure I would’ve been able to fit another person inside but 3 was just enough so everyone could have some room to stretch. The fellas love this shelter! They said it makes the cold and rain an “non issue” and everyone’s comfortable.

“Great product, easy setup!” – by Ranell

This ice shelter is AMAZING! Having no reviews at the time of purchase, I was reluctant to order it, but for the price, I am VERY happy! The customer service from the seller is top notch!

The shelter is very comparable to the Eskimo brand out there. In fact, they had an Eskimo set up as a display at a local retailer. To see how they compared, I walked thru and they are almost identical. The major difference: this product sells for less than half as much.

There are 2 doors to this shelter – one on each end at opposite corners. There are also several clear vinyl windows that Velcro in place, and stakes for the flaps. The ventilation is ample as well. There are 2 sewn in pockets: one on each short end. We tend to bring way too much, so we used caribeaners and mesh lingere bags for additional pockets.

This holds 5 people quite comfortably, depending on how you’re configured, how many holes, and what you’re using for seating. When popped open, it measures approx 7′ x 12′.

The setup is easy: pull the tabs on the sides to pop them out, THEN do the top. (For takedown, pop the top down first, then the sides.) I was able to do it myself and get it into the storage bag easier than getting my toddler into a snow suit.

Overall, I am VERY happy with this purchase and would recommend it!

“Great tent I love it but was a pain to assemble like most !” – by mike
Very good tent and I have used many in the past ! This tent was a pain to setup like most are since they never put parts together when they had plenty of room in the box to have most if not all setup for you ! This how ever was a great buy and worked perfect ! I would recommend this to any how that is looking for a one man tent and can get past the pain in the rear of putting it all together in a few hours !
“Great shelter for the price” – by Caitlin Shiga (WEST CHICAGO, IL, US)

Pretty good starter shack for someone just getting into ice fishing or on a budget. For the price I couldn’t pass on this one. Traps sunlight heat well and gets pretty warm inside with the heater on. Had it out in single digit temps too. Sets up and tears down easily and so far has held up quite nicely. 2 guys can fit comfortably, or two plus a child.

As previously stated, the door is on the small side, but I’m 6’5” 250lb. Carry bag could be a little bigger but it’s fine. Over all a good tent especially for the price.

“Five Stars” – by Trish T
Used at Burning Man and it was AWESOME
“… 4 times ice fishing trips and the shanty works great, except its little harder to fold down when …” – by Iceman Yang
Been using for 4 times ice fishing trips and the shanty works great, except its little harder to fold down when ice built up and colder. I usually took home, let it dry and fold and put away. Other than that, its good for the price I paid.
“Absolutely incredible value, well designed and built!” – by Mary Sutherland
I can’t believe how quickly this thing came- I ordered it late Sunday night, and I had it in hand on Wednesday (Friday was Christmas, I had no hope of getting it in time to put under the tree, but it happened!) I was VERY impressed with the quality of the tent- we took it out the day after Christmas, and it’s sturdy, heavy-duty design kept us very warm despite heavy winds. I really like the design, with the large windows for light, the ventilation, and the curved zipper- it’s very well designed and manufactured. I would highly recommend this tent for ice fishing, I can’t believe the quality for what I paid!
“Warm and roomy” – by Sarah F.
I bought this for my husband for Christmas and he absolutely loves it. It keeps him warm and he doesn’t have to stoop when he’s inside (he’s 6′ tall).
“One of my best pieces of gear!” – by Alan Robertson (Wildomar, California United States)

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. This makes me not hate setting and packing up camp. Finally got to test it out on a four day trip to Zion National Park. Lightweight, instant setup and breakdown, and did very well even in some very windy conditions. My friends were in more standard very tall, rectangular tents and the wind was pushing their tents all over the place. This little baby was low to the ground and the rounded shell like design just kept the wind flowing smoothly around it.

Although let’s be real: this is a two person tent. I know that all tent manufacturers fudge this, this is more egregious than usual. There is room for a queen blowup mattress, two sleepers, their boots, and a small bag each. That’s it, not a true problem, just know that going in. Also, it’s a slight bummer that the tent floor isn’t a more rugged tarp like material, it’s the same thin poly of the rest of the tent. Not a problem yet, although tents are supposed to last many trips, and if this fails I will have to lower my satisfaction rating. However until then, 5 Stars!

“Easy to assemble!!!” – by QOS
I purchased 2 alpha camp tents for my recent camping trip, and they both help up nicely in the wind and the rain. This tent was extremely easy to put up. the fabric will last a long time, and seems to be of good quality for the price.
“Five Stars” – by Brenda Stringer (NY)
What a great price and all 4 big guys fit in it!
“Portable and easy to set up” – by Needles62
We really like this tent, keeps the wind off of us and with the heater we are toasty warm! I like portable it is and easy to set up.
“Easy pop up tent” – by jopak
Love how easily it pops up. Instructions attached to inner carry case but we were able to figure out how it pops up without breaking anything. Got this for my son to go on Boy Scout camping trips. The top lining could be bigger to keep moisture off the sides of the tent but I really like this. The carry case rips easily though-got a few holes in it when it was loaded in with the other camping/sleeping bag gear from its own spikes I think. Overall, love how easily n fast it sets up. I’ll need a bigger tarp to lay under it n something covering the top for those wet weather camping.
[Source : www.amazon.com]


-:Wall Tents:-

Top Selected Products and Reviews:


“the directions were pretty difficult to go off of since I have never …” – by Art of Alexandria
I just set up my bell tent yesterday….the directions were pretty difficult to go off of since I have never sent up a tent in my life but I had some family members assist me and once I had the tent up I was so pleased! It is great quality and so big and spacious inside. I love it so far…I think with a little practice I will be able to assemble and disassemble by myself fairly easily…I plan on living in this for six months and I think it will be lovely! I pre treated it for rain and bad weather by hosing it down after i set it up…I plan on leaving another review after a bit more usage to give you an idea of how living in this tent actually is and how it holds up….but so far I am very happy!
“Great Family for Life Tent” – by Flash9 (Raleigh, NC)
This tent is GREAT and is now over 15 years old. It is very heavy and do not expect to carry it very far before having to set it up.
We made our tent bag even heavier by buying 12″ spikes from Lowes to use those in place of the tent spikes.
This is not a free standing tent and will not work unless all of the tent spike loops are used.
We also sealed all of the seams before using the tent and never had any rain penetrate the tent.
Being canvas the tent breaths and you do not get the condensation forming on the inside like other material.
Stays cool in the summer heat and the few times we went and the temperature dropped into the upper 40’s it stayed comfortable with our family of four.
Our daughter who is now in college has already put dips on wanting it once she has room to take it.
“Easy to set up” – by Steven Choyce
Easy to set up, even in a light rain/wind. Very spacious, good air circulation, spent last two weeks camping at Pennsic Wars. Previous Trek tent, same size lasted ten years. Would recommend

“13 x 16 Wall Tent with Angle Kit – A Great Value” – by Triple R (Trinidad, CO)

I recently purchased a 13′ X 16′ tent with angle kit and am very impressed. I had been thinking about getting my own tent since last elk season (2015) and had been looking for one since March (2016). I spent a lot of time searching the the internet and looked at traditional heavy canvas tents from other manufacturers. However, I had trouble justifying the cost for the more traditional canvas tent. Additionally, you get a lot less (space) for a lot more money. Admittedly, I was a little reluctant to try something different, but have been very pleasantly surprised. This is a great tent for the money and Justin was very helpful with any questions that I had. The make it yourself frame with 3/4″ electrical conduit is very rigid and a huge money saver. The 13′ X16′ tent is plenty of tent for 3 or 4 adults with gear, stove, etc. to move around in and sleep comfortably. The angle kit and wire support system are a great idea and keep the tent sturdy during windy days and nights. The ridge flaps are also another great feature to vent the tent in case it gets smokey as you try to warm the stove up. I run a public hunting program on a large tract of land in SE Colorado so I see lots of gear. This tent is well designed, of high quality and well worth your money.

“Survived a Nor’ easter” – by VerbalCVMA
Purchased this tent for a friend, we used it for a winter radio field day. Tent was left up for a week and survived a nor’ easter, had to sweep the snow off so we could put it away. Very impressed with the durability of this tent.
“Best Tent Ever!!!!” – by Jacque
Camped out in this tent for Two weeks all over South Dakota and Colorado. We even experienced 3 days straight of heavy rain in Gunnison, Colorado. No leaks at all! The tent was great! We stayed warm even in temps in the high 40’s. I would recommend this tent. It’s a little expensive but it is worth it.
“Protection from the elements” – by M. P. WONG (Beaverton, OR USA)
Walls work great, zips up perfectly on a 10×10 straight leg canopy and is pretty easy to put up by one person. The only minor complaint would be the velcro strips could be a bit more heavy duty but I have not had a problem with them coming undone.
“perfect size” – by burtgunner (Bend, OR)
I use it in a canvas tent during elk season in Oregon. most of the time it is around the low 20’s and this stove will heat a 16×16 old army tent very well. You will need to stoke the fire in the night since it won’t take enough wood to last the night. Great little stove.
“Do not buy a regular tent, buy this one! You’ll be happy you did!” – by irene duazo
I love this product. I was looking for an 8 person and up tent. They were all so much more expensive. This product is bigger, better and cheaper. The inside is so big you could fit everything comfortably. The mesh on top keeps it cool inside, not hot like a regular tent.
“Full standing height tent is great.” – by Captn’ Morgan
Great tent for the money. Sleeps 10 people, full window and door zippered screens and covers. Has a zippered front porch to keep bugs out. Comes with a rain tarp to go on the top as well. Tons of storage and extremely roomy. Like I said, you can stand up in this tent and not have to bend over and its made with great quality, very sturdy.
“Great Family Tent” – by Amazon Customer
I have set this tent up several times now and have really enjoyed camping in it. The divided rooms are perfect for our family, keep the kids on their own side! The entrance makes a great mud room for all our gear and shoes. Looking forward to more nights in this tent.
“Kansas camper” – by Amazon Customer
I spent 14 days in this tent so far. It is easy to put up and plenty of room for 2 guys, gear, and a stove. The big zipper around the bottom will let in wind tho. I plan on spending more time with this tent and it is very nice so far! Some nights have been -8 to 30s with the Kansas winds…
“Side Wall for 10×10” – by Darin
Used a few times and works well. Took me a few tries to figure out how all the ties and Velcro worked best, but works like I hoped. Using it with a 10×10 canopy I bought from Dicks Sporting Goods. Fits great.
“Easy Set Up” – by T. Nic (Deep in the heart, TX)
Easy set up, very stable. Bought some weights for the legs and it stood up to some strong wind gusts. Love how the tent and walls all fit in the carry case.
“This is the tent you want!” – by Jamie
This tent is amazing!!!! I read the reviews before purchasing, so I was aware that there may be a structural issue with a sag on one side. I did not experience that. The structure was perfect. We camped for 7 days in Vermont, on a somewhat rainy week. I sprayed the fly and exposed seams with waterproofing spray after I set it up and stayed completely dry all week. 4 of us set up the tent in about 10 minutes. My sister, a friend and I took it down, and got it back in the bag in about 15 minutes (minus the time it took to take off the fly and hang it to dry). The tent was so roomy and wonderful. We’ve all camped there for about 27 years, and the tent got rave reviews from all 15 campers. I definitely recommend this!!!
[Source : www.amazon.com]


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